Unit 512 lead practice in promoting

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Unit 512 lead practice in promoting

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Different Approaches to Promoting Wellbeing and Resilience Unit Lead practice in promoting the well-being and resilience of children and young people Understand how different approaches to promoting positive well-being and resilience in children and young people.

Explain the importance of well-being for children and young people.

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Children unhappy in this way are also more likely to be victimised, have eating disorders or be depressed. Explain the importance of resilience for children and young people.

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If young people are resilient they will be able to cope better with problems, they will have better health and they will be happier and more fulfilled.

They will also be less likely to develop emotional problems like depression or anxiety. Adoption and Fostering, 21, ,pp.

These ideas, and the very pragmatic approach that accompanies them, can be helpful in working with yp from even the most difficult environments and offer a hopeful context for practice. Strongly based on the research evidence, Unit 512 lead practice in promoting therapy involves a partnership between Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services CAMHSacademics, social workers, youth workers, nurses, teachers, learning support assistants, the parents and carers young people themselves.

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As such, it is ideally suited to a whole school, whole system approach that promotes well-being for all and addresses the needs of young people with behavioural, emotional or social difficulties. This appears like a good framework to work with and breaking it down into steps when working with a young person.

In I went on Resiliency training in Cambridge. I was trained by top psychologist professors from America. We learnt how to put some of what we learnt into practice when supporting young people.

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There were 5 levels of an iceberg which is called the ABC module. One part taught you skills into showing a young person not to over think situations that might not of actually happened or that has been over exaggerated or blown up.

You teach the young person to think differently and break it down to simplify it and help the young person understand it and to support them to overcome it. Every Child Matters promotes the 5 outcomes, which all sync with meeting the needs a young person well-being and resiliency especially around achieve economic well-being and promote positive contribution.

Promoting and supporting young people in regards to their health, self esteem, attachment issues, emotional security and relationships is very important to help the young person develop to their full potential into adult hood.

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At the home young people have a keyworker and work very closely with them. Young people are registered with nearest doctors, dentist, opticians to ensure they are getting all the necessary check ups and health needs required. Young people if they they suffer from anger management issues, emotional issues can speak with their keyworker and discuss incident occurrences and put in strategies to help the young person over come this.

A young person will have a routine and weekly planner of school, activities and other social events will be on this calender.

Unit 512 lead practice in promoting

This helps that young person develop their self -esteem and confidence, learn social skills, gain an education and remain in good physical health. I supervise and support a member of staff who keyworks a young person who suffers low self-esteem after growing up in a family dynamic of abuse.

This young person suffers from attachment issues and has been known to be sexually exploited by older males. The young person also find it difficult to maintain positive relationship and after a short time will break down the relationship.

The keyworker was advised to ask the social worker to do a referral to CAHMS to help support the young person in terms of their emotional needs. Myself and the keyworker had a consultation with a psychologist to discuss the case and what strategies we could use to help build the self-esteem and confidence of young the young person that was clearly showing signs that they needed support in this area.

I also sent the keyworker on training on supporting young people manage their emotional needs. The strategies that myself and the keyworker put in place for the keyworker to work with the young person was: Get the yp to list thier strengths and always work from your their strengths when trying to deal with less successful events.

Helping to set realistic targets ensures success and can be built on. Encourage charts to help measure progress. A said it is ok. Sheryl gave A some guidance on how to build his relationships with the young people and how to earn their respect and trusts such as spending time with a young person, asking how their days has been, asking what is wrong when they appear upset, praise them when they have something well or better, helping them tidy their room or cook and talk about stuff in general and encourage them how to achieve their goals in life.

Also that if A puts something in place for a young person he needs to ensure this is followed through as this will not only maintain consistency, but also gain a young person respect,trust and show that he cares. A was honest about this and said he is finding it hard coming from adult services to children services.

A advised that if he takes on board and listens to the advice that he is been given then he will be fine and will finish the placement on a good note. A told that he needs to monitor the other staff and reflect on how he manages situations with the young people.

This can also be discussed in staff debriefs and this is a good tool for reflection work for A to gain skills. Demonstrate through own practice ways to encourage and support children and young people to express their feeling, views and hopes. Observation with tutor with young person may also cover this.

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Unit 512 lead practice in promoting

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Unit Lead practice in promoting the well-being and resilience of children and young people Understand how different approaches to promoting positive well . China has become largely self-sufficient in reactor design and construction, as well as other aspects of the fuel cycle.

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