Top 50 megatrends in technology

The key trends driving these changes will inevitably become more influential in the coming decade, and while the sector will continue to generate economic growth and transform lifestyles and living standards, by mid-century the manufacturing footprint will look dramatically different. Five megatrends will alter the way manufacturers do business and further increase their value to society.

Top 50 megatrends in technology

And nowhere is the prediction mania more pronounced than in the technology sector. From mainstream sources like CNN to the geeks-only EDN Network, everyone is cranking out his or her list of the top technologies for Forget about just sharing the next big trends the newest and coolest technologies being developed.

Such overhyped technologies tend to get stuck in the lab for years before finding their way into commercial applications.

In turn, so do the profits. So I like my technology trends served profit side up. Hence our laser-sharp focus here on only investable trends, not simply cool ones.

The trick to unlocking maximum profitability, of course, is to pinpoint the most investable technologies early. In some form or fashion, our subscribers have already had the chance to profit from each of these trends.

Rest assured, the gains are just getting started, as all three trends promise to persist for years to come. Tech Mega Trend 1 — Rise of the Machines: But within 15 years, Morgan Stanley analysts predict that EV sales could eclipse gas-powered cars. Tech Mega Trend 3 — Cybersecurity: And with the billions upon billions of dollars pouring into the Internet of Things IoTeverything is eventually going to be connected to the internet — and, therefore, vulnerable to attack.

As the Digital Age has unfolded — and the need for adequate protection has obviously increased — the world has criminally and tragically underinvested in cybersecurity. And of course, the threat environment has steadily increased at the same time.

As such, it represents an unprecedented investment opportunity.

Top 50 megatrends in technology

Not surprisingly, cybersecurity spending has been one of the fastest-growing areas of technology over the past few years. The growing amount of data being stored across multiple locations means the amount of digital assets that need to be protected keeps expanding.

To help, though, try thinking about each byte of data as a landmass. The more bytes we produce, the larger the overall landmass gets. And every inch of it needs to be defended against attack. Cybersecurity provider Proofpoint Inc. PFPT estimates that it will surge a staggering fold over the next 10 years.

No wonder cybersecurity is the No. In fact, this is quite possibly the trade of the decade.What is a Mega Trend? • Mega trends are global, sustained and macro economic forces of development that impacts business, economy, thinking by identifying the most important global mega trends, potential scenarios of specific trends in , and Summary of Top Megatrends Urbanization.

Be sure to check out the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for Technology is constantly evolving and maturing. It moves from a nascent, undefined entity to one that is widely accepted and becomes so commonplace that we wonder how we ever functioned without it.

The " Top Technologies in Sensors & Instrumentation" report has been added to's offering. The technology and innovation research report . One central conclusion from the study “From megatrends to business excellence” is that companies in the chemical industry do not see the need for a short-term, radical change.

This holds true – to a lower degree – for pharmaceutical companies as well. The 3 Most Investable Technology Megatrends of As the calendar flips to January, the only thing outnumbering New Year’s resolutions will be everyone’s predictions about the future.

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And nowhere is the prediction mania more pronounced than in the technology sector. For the purposes of the study, WMACs are defined as those that rank among the Top 50 All Stars or rank within the top three of their industries. Mel Stark is a vice president of Hay Group in the.

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