The federation of australia

However, this association was refused re-admittance to FIFA until outstanding fines had been paid, which was later done inseeing the new national body admitted to FIFA. The findings of the report were critically analysed by the board of Soccer Australia who believed that the recommendations contained therein were not capable of being implemented. The report recommended, among other things, the reconstitution of the governing body with an interim board headed by prominent businessman Frank Lowy. Some three months after Lowy's appointment Soccer Australia was placed into liquidation and Australia Soccer Association ASA was created without encompassing the Crawford Report recommendations and effectively disenfranchising all parties who had an interest in Soccer Australia.

The federation of australia

Australia became a nation when a number of British colonies joined together.


This happened in We acknowledge and pay respect to the previous owners of the continent, the Aboriginal nations who lived here for 50, years before the coming of Europeans.

British beginnings - Illustration of a convict ship about to depart for Australia. A colony is an area or country controlled by a more powerful country that is often far away.

Britain's prisons were overflowing so the decision was made to send convicts The federation of australia Australia, along with soldiers and free settlers. The main laws of the colonies were made by the British Parliament.

The colonies were completely separate, and had very little to do with each other. They began to realise that for matters like defence, controlling immigration and economy, a nation would be stronger than individual colonies.

Each colony was now able to elect its own government, but still the big decisions were made in Britain, and people were starting to feel these decisions were being made hundreds of miles away by people who'd never seen and experienced Australia.

Edmund Barton, who became Australia's 1st Prime Minister. Each colony sent seven representatives.

The federation of australia

From these, a committee was chosen to begin work to write an Australian constitution. A constitution is a set of basic rules and principles of how an organisation, or club or nation is governed. The conference agreed that a national meeting would redraft the constitution and that all Australians should have a chance to agree with the constitution by vote.

Each colony elected representatives to attend, except Queensland, which did not support federation. Committees debated each paragraph of the draft constitution, changes were made, and a new constitution was drafted by Edmund Barton, John Downer and Richard O'Connor.

So the conference adopted the model of the United States of America: A special election called a referendum was held so that people in the colonies could vote on the re-drafted constitution.

Among the changes that were made was the decision that a new capital city be established between Sydney and Melbourne, both of which wanted to be the nation's capital. The amended constitution went to referendum once again in all colonies except Western Australia, and the Bill was passed.

The Western Australians did not believe federation was the best thing for them. The Creation of a Nation The major laws affecting Australia were still made by the British Parliament, which would have to make a new law to allow federation.

In a delegation of five, plus an observer from Western Australia, took the draft constitution to London to present to the British Parliament.

Many people went there to seek their fortune. This contact with people from the other colonies began to change ideas about federation in Western Australia.

As a result, in August a referendum was held in Western Australia, and the people of the colony voted to join the Commonwealth. Edmund Barton was the first Prime Minister of Australia.

Read about the first and the present Australian Coat of Arms:Federation University Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters where our campuses, centres and field stations are located and we pay our respects to Elders past and present, and extend our respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and First Nations Peoples.

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