Self regulation and financial freedom

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Self regulation and financial freedom

Horizon Trust Blog Self-Directed Investment Planning for your retirement can be difficult, and while many financial institutions offer sound advice, sometimes the best strategy is to take on the task personally. If you feel restricted by the retirement plans offered today, there is an option for financial freedom: Self-directed investing gives your personal control over your savings.

With optimal research, a little financial advice, and due diligence, you can take over your finances for better, long-term growth. If you are considering managing your personal investment portfolio, here are three reasons why self-directed investment is the key to financial freedom.

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You decide how you want to invest your hard-earned money and do wealth management in your own way. Account holders decide on their own investment plans, take risks with financial choices, and form long-term goals for maximum account growth.

Self regulation and financial freedom

As a DIY investor, you can use your knowledge of trade skills and assets to take advantage of the growth options. This method allows you to work outside unreliable brokers, advisors, or the broad market.

Account holders perform their own personal research, formulate an investment plan, and make changes as they see fit. It is even possible to invest online or make mobile trades. As you look to the future, the key to good investment is remaining vigilant; stay knowledgeable and keep on top of the market value trends.

While traditional financial markets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds are available, there are many other paths to investigate. Alternative assets can allow for a more diversified portfolio which can mean better long-term growth.

As you build an investment strategy, consider your personal experience with market fluctuations and different industries. Self-directed investors have a vast pool of investment options open to them: Real estate and rental property investments, precious metals, tax liens, cryptocurrencyprivate lending, and many other alternative assets.

Having more selections can allow you to build a fortified portfolio. Structure of your portfolio is important.

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You decide where to put your money and how much you want to invest in each option. With any investment, it is imperative to keep a watchful eye on the market. This could be easily done through online investing or mobile trade services. Be sure to mark the terms and conditions of your online and personal investments.

The best strategy for self-directed investment is performing your due diligence.

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Your investment decisions can influence future generations. While you control your portfolio, your self-directed fund can continue to build wealth after your pass on. As you structure your investment strategy, plan for your future beyond your retirement. Self-directed accounts can pass from your ownership to your family.

Your spouse, children, and even your grandchildren can benefit from your savvy wealth management. If you have a solid, well-managed portfolio and you remain vigilant in monitoring your investments, you can grow your funds for generations.

Financial Freedom: 3 Reason Why Self-Directed Investment is Key

Of course, with any investment decisions, it is a good idea to consult a financial professional for advice.What You Need to Know about Willpower: The Psychological Science of Self-Control (PDF, MB) Introduction In , 27 percent of Stress in America survey respondents reported that lack of willpower was the most significant barrier to change.


Kintner of Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & . It is an important means to regulate the media landscape via self-regulation and can thus replace a national media law covering the aspects named. Apart from being an alternative to a media law, self-regulation has to be seen as positive measure in general and especially in the media.

Financial self-regulation refers to voluntary commitments, practices, standards and initiatives by financial institutions to improve financial consumer protection. Financial sector reforms in emerging economies can be very hard to implement so designing the right incentives for honest and prudent behavior is essential.


I think about self-regulation and what comes to mind is what I’ve been through these past few years. I worked two retail jobs to help a budget for my companies, and to revise our marketing strategies as well. The U.S. economy is essentially a free market economy – an economic market that is run by supply and demand – with some government regulation.

In a truly free market, buyers and sellers.

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