Reflection on ondoy tradegy

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Reflection on ondoy tradegy

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. How about to our environment?

Reflection on ondoy tradegy

But let one tell you these were all our fault. These were not god well right?

Reflection on ondoy tradegy

Cause god give these wonderful earth for us to leaveto care and cheer with it. But instead to care with it,but we did? Furtheremore, not only people were being distructed but also our environment. Both typhoon were unexpected cause of that day were both Sendong ang Ondoy strucks to Cagayan de ORO City and Manila respectively, everything that day had, were gone, their house… nothing was left especially to those who were being affected of the typhoon.

To our environment, were a lot of natural resources being distructed. However, both typhoon has a comparison but they had also difference. The natural resources that both typhoon distructed and affected but we all know, that both people who were being affected also of the typhoon, were trying their very best to faced the second life that they had right now.

Disaster control important because it can save more lives. The windthat sometimes, it be come strong, that cause of fall down of houses, trees and etch.

And everything happened that we can figure out how it was happened. But if everyone being sensitive, alertof course they can save their lives.

If in time the climate is not good we should do of what we must to do, we should use of our common sense, because the last regret is in the we must to care of our environment as we can and how each other, if we not like that their someone suffered.

As long as we here on earthwe need to do our responsibilities that as a human we life on earth. We must to be thankful to God of everything we had on this earth, though it is a little but it is reason why we still alive.

Do you want to let it happened again? Well, its not yet over tto lost hope, still we have a chance to prevent that we should not let our mother earth to be fully distructed by the typhoon. We can simply prevent it, if we just helping each other by planting more trees, that can prevent the floods, avoid illegal loggingmaintain the deepness of the rivers and we throw our garbage in the disposal we should separate the bio-digrable and non-boidegrable were biodegrable we can recycle it.

We must to care our mother earth, cause God gave it ti us. God let it borrowed to us, so everytime when he want to get it back because we abuse our mother nature, He can do it, but sa a youth we never let it happened, we try our very best to save our mother earth cause we believed everythings happened has a reasoned maybe God measured, us of how we loved each other.

If that sendong happen, we should be prepare. It has a different effect of individuals especially their lives. It was not just gave effect of individuals but also to our environment. It gave a big distruction of our environment and to our lives. Were almost people lost everything that they have the things that important to their, especially their love ones.

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Most of the victims from families who were affected of the typhoon Sendong lost their lives, shelter, their important things that they had.

No one been considered eithier they such rich or poor, weak and strong, everything were affected. Many got trauma, many hopeless and many got sick of some problems on how to stand on their own.

Eventhough, they experience on that typhoon their still trying to think positive, so that in just a little way, they could forget what they had felt and experience. Not only people were been affected but also our environment, some trees are fall down, the bridges were broken, because of strong wind and strong water, and the worst one the houses were totally washed-out.

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