Project on dtmf based home automation

Simply stated, all computing systems other than general purpose computer are embedded systems. System is a way of working, organizing or performing one or many tasks according to a fixed set of rules, program or plan. A general-purpose definition of embedded systems is that they are devices used to control, monitor or assist the operation of equipment, machinery or plant. Embedded systems contain processing core that are either microcontrollers or digital signal processors.

Project on dtmf based home automation

Cube relay for dealing with v A. AT89S52 microcontroller by Atmel Corp. DTMF decoder module This DTMF based system can control home appliances via mobile phone communication from anywhere around the world. This facilitates the user to operate anything on his fingertips. It requires two cell phones to operate properly; one of them will always remain in touch with the circuit and another to place a call on that phone.

Now pressing the digits in reverse order will switch off the corresponding relay i. Now comes the most interesting part; why interfacing LD with such a circuit?

Thus I got an idea of using LD which will enhance the current value as well as the voltage part because my relays work on 12 v DC. Thus using this circuit one can control at most 4 relays at a time by using single LD.

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I have grounded them commonly. The receiving mobile phone is connected to DTMF module with a 3. Strcmp inputs two char values, compares them and returns -1,0 or 1. If strcmp returns 0 value, this shows that there is no difference in between the values entered or they are same.

This statement will help us to match the codes required for operating each relay uniquely. This system will help you resolve your worry, simply give a call to the phone connected and press the corresponding digits.

It can also serve for the purpose of switching on A. There is no end to the number of applications this system can perform, you just need to have an idea!

You can make use of strcmp to make your whole system password protected and safe.2. Mobile Phone based password system for home automatic door opening: This project demonstrates automatic opening and closing of home door based on input from a cell phone.

Business Analysis: Home Theatre And Automation Words | 8 Pages. Expand Your Business Home Theatre and Automation is a small retail business that provides good quality, cutting edge, but affordable technology for the average and extreme movie enthusiast.

HOME AUTOMATION USING PHONE (DTMF TOUCH-TONE) - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Project Description Traditionally electrical appliances in a home are controlled via switches that regulate the electricity to these devices.

this project we propose a unique System for Home automation utilizing Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) that is paired with a wireless module to provide seamless wireless control over many devices in a house.

DTMF Based Load Control System (Home Automation): Electronics Project This project works on the principle of DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency).

This circuit can be used to control or on/off the load i.e. electric equipment like a fan, bulb, water pump, etc.

Project on dtmf based home automation

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