Office max paper shredding

It has been the number one complaint for the last 13 years straight. There are four key ways to secure your personal information. The first way is to shred all your old documents.

Office max paper shredding

My OfficeMax brand shredder stopped working. Ther overload light comes on immediately, and nothing happens. I took it apart ot see if it was jammed, but it is not. I think a component on the circuit board is dead. I removed the overload heat sensor and shorted the wires to bypass it, but still the same result.

It is an OM model. Parry March Shredder worked perfectly until today. And like your posts it works in reverse, nothing else!

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The green light doesn't illuminate when switched on. I'm going to search videos on how to make this shred. I'm not concerned with the reverse on this unit, being that I've never had a use for it. If I find one I'll post it here.

JerBear May Had the same problem. Couldn't figure out how to jumper the circuit board, so I reversed the polarity on the motor. Now when I run it in "reverse", it's actually forward, and it shreds. No auto feed, and I have to manually switch it off and on, but at least it works.

These shredders are so poorly made, I'm tired of buying them. I had the same condition on my shredder - the reverse would work but the auto would not. I took apart the unit there are six screws holding it together I found the paper sensor, the "black" one, was covered in a layer of paper dust.

Unscrew the bracket to get full access to the sensor to clean the dust off. The film has to be wiped off. No special tools are needed, except for the phillips screws, you'll need a long phillips screwdriver with a thin shaft or a long thin screwdriver as the access hole is small.

Probably have more trouble finding a suitable screwdriver than fixing the shredder!All Shred Inc. is an on-site document shredding and recycling company celebrating over 19 years in business! Our company is here to save you time, money, and worry. Confidential documents that need to be destroyed are quietly moved to one of our automated trucks where they are shredded.

Office max paper shredding

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OfficeMax Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. ALWAYS limit continuous shredding to the specified time as suggested in this instruction manual." Nowhere in the manual could I find the specified time.

The shredded paper. ON-SITE SHREDDING SERVICES. Whether you're looking for a one time, bulk purge shred or regularly scheduled document shredding services, all of our on-site services are AAA Certified with the most secure process available.

Paper Shredding Services in Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh, nestled in the South Western corner of Pennsylvania, began as one of the United States’ most crucial cities. Today Pittsburgh is known as a leader in environmental energy efforts and is often referred to as the “City of Bridges” as it is home to more than bridges.

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Allegheny Shredding’s off-site paper shredding services streamline your document disposal processes and reduce the risk of confidential files landing in the trash. Our security containers replace unreliable and frustrating office paper shredders. Just in time for Tax Day and all the extra paper you end up with after you finish you taxes, your favorite office supply stores want to help you get rid of all that confidential garbage with free shredding..

Office max paper shredding

Office Depot/Office Max offers free shredding up to 5 pounds with a coupon at nationwide retail locations, good any day until April 29,

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