Nicholas kristof essay contest 2011

He had an older sister Sandy and a younger brother Joe.

Nicholas kristof essay contest 2011

He even periodically holds a contest to allow young journalists to follow him in the field. His words diffuse through book clubs, church groups, and even think tanks and governments to shape grassroots activism and policy alike. Indeed, what is worse than a privileged bourgeois population that knows nothing of the way the other half or rather the other 99 percent lives?

We are encouraged to look only so we can then close our eyes.

Nicholas kristof essay contest 2011

Kristof is a virtuoso at introducing vexing questions about how various violences might have structural determinants … only to immediately Nicholas kristof essay contest 2011 those questions.

As a result, his reporting allows us to process the trauma of a world of contradictions and incoherencies while concurrently collectively agreeing on an official and comforting narrative: He is remarkably efficient with words, evocative through stories, and convincing in tone.

After reading perhaps hundreds of his columns on the underdeveloped world, certain patterns emerge: Broadly speaking, Kristof often employs clever journalistic and prose devices to weave personalized traumas into bite-sized morsels of digestible horror.

He then crafts stunningly simplistic solutions to the seemingly irrevocable problems that plague those backwards places. Kristof accomplishes this by using a standard and replicated formula: Why is she here? The answer comes in a tableau of horror: Militiamen the bestial Others inexplicably invade the home of a Congolese named Generose the abject victim and proceed to do terrible things to her.

One son, a year-old, refused. Because somehow this is not enough, the young boy stands up in the face of evil to be shot down, made the sacrificial lamb who will need to be resurrected and redeemed. Besides introducing the Other and the victim, this section has an important additional effect: As a result, the horror is too great to be responded to politically; politics is callous, insensitive, inadequate, somehow just not enough against this evil.

The effect of this technique is to leave the reader stunned, numbed, and disarmed, waiting for something to make this horror go away.

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Enter the third part of the triptych: Shannon, leading a normal life in the U. Scrunching up in embarrassment in the darkened room, Lisa fended off deification. To be clear, believing in Jesus does not make one an infant.

But the way Generose is portrayed—saying outlandish things while our heroine squirms awkwardly—presents Generose as not being sophisticated enough to grasp the awkwardness that her statement would induce.

Generose is too simple or too irreconcilably traumatized. Consequently, the reader connects even more intensely with the savior, empathizing not just with her sacrifice but with sacrifice in the face of such savages who cannot understand the way one should communicate.

This is consistent with a larger point: In Kristof, the victim is wholly constructed and constituted by violence, or more specifically, violence that can be turned into narrative. The victim does not continue on and face ordinary problems such as impoverishment or limited access to health care.

She has served her purpose, and Kristof is off to report on the next mass rape. This narrative, however, constitutes only the easily assailable part of a Kristof column. In many ways the most important part typically occurs next and is gone so fast that the reader almost misses it: Here, ever momentarily, there is a mention of broader linkages—but only so they can be dismissed.

How do they lead to the violence done to Generose? Moreover, what are we supposed to do about this?

Nicholas kristof essay contest 2011

Hold our government to account? Question the consumption patterns of our society and ourselves? No, we are supposed to give money and celebrate Congolese resilience, and be aware.

I compare this moment to the introduction of a vaccine, where a bit of the virus politics is allowed into the bloodstream the field of vision of the American bourgeois so that it can immediately be eradicated by the immune system the reterritorializing power of the comforting American progress-through-charity ideology.

Hence, this potential hinge point where the piece could be made meaningful is instead taken the opposite direction, toward the ordinary-people-helping-themselves-with-a-little-help-from-their-friends trope.

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Kristof concludes by emphasizing the easy charity solution, returning to the horror at the beginning but recodifying it, infusing it with hope:Amy Tan was born in Oakland, California. Her family lived in several communities in Northern California before settling in Santa Clara.

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He previously served two terms in the United States House of Representatives and was the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the election, which he lost to Barack Obama. Above, Medill alumnus Tyler Pager, who was the valedictorian of his class, speaks at Medill's graduation ceremony in June In January , Pager won Nicholas Kristof's win-a-trip contest.

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