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Mao outline

Perhaps never before in human history had a political leader unleashed such massive forces against the system that he had created. The resulting damage to that system was profound, and the goals that Mao Zedong sought to achieve ultimately remained elusive.

The agenda he… During the summer of Mao Zedong helped to establish in Changsha a variety of organizations that brought the students together with the merchants and the workers—but not yet with the peasants—in demonstrations aimed at forcing the government to oppose Japan.

That winter he married Yang Kaihui, the daughter of his former ethics teacher. In July he attended the First Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, together with representatives from the other communist groups in China and two delegates from the Moscow-based Comintern Communist International.

Guomindang]Mao was one of the first communists to join the Nationalist Party and to work within it. In the winter of —25, Mao returned to his native village of Shaoshan for a rest. There, after witnessing demonstrations by peasants stirred into political consciousness by the shooting of several dozen Chinese by foreign police in Shanghai May and JuneMao suddenly became aware of the revolutionary potential inherent in the peasantry.

Following the example of other communists working within the Nationalist Party who had already begun to organize the peasants, Mao sought to channel the spontaneous protests of the Hunanese peasants into a network of peasant associations. The communists and the Nationalists Pursued by the military governor of Hunan, Mao was soon forced to flee his native province once more, and he returned for another year to an urban environment— Guangzhou Cantonthe main power base of the Nationalists.

Mao outline

However, though he lived in Guangzhou, Mao still focused his attention on the countryside. He became the acting head of the propaganda department of the Nationalist Party—in which capacity he edited its leading organ, the Political Weekly, and attended the Second Kuomintang Congress in January —but he also served at the Peasant Movement Training Institute, set up in Guangzhou under the auspices of the Nationalists, as principal of the sixth training session.

He therefore expelled most communists from responsible posts in the Nationalist Party in May Mao, however, stayed on at the institute until October of that year.

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Most of the young peasant activists Mao trained were shortly at work strengthening the position of the communists.

Chiang Kai-shek, who was bent on an alliance with the propertied classes in the cities and in the countryside, turned against the worker and peasant revolution, and in April he massacred the very Shanghai workers who had delivered the city to him. The strategy of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin for carrying out revolution in alliance with the Nationalists collapsed, and the CCP was virtually annihilated in the cities and decimated in the countryside.

In October Mao led a few hundred peasants who had survived the autumn harvest uprising in Hunan to a base in the Jinggang Mountains, on the border between Jiangxi and Hunan provinces, and embarked on a new type of revolutionary warfare in the countryside in which the Red Army military arm of the CCPrather than the unarmed masses, would play the central role.

The first of those is the initial three years when Mao and Zhu Dethe commander in chief of the army, successfully developed the tactics of guerrilla warfare from base areas in the countryside. Those activities, however, were regarded even by their protagonists, and still more by the Central Committee in Shanghai and by the Comintern in Moscowas a holding operation until the next upsurge of revolution in the urban centres.

In the summer of the Red Army was ordered by the Central Committee to occupy several major cities in south-central China in the hope of sparking a revolution by the workers.

When it became evident that persistence in that attempt could only lead to further costly losses, Mao disobeyed orders and abandoned the battle to return to the base in southern Jiangxi.

Mao ZedongMao Zedong addressing a group of his followers in Since there was little support for the revolution in the cities, the promise of ultimate victory now seemed to reside in the gradual strengthening and expansion of the base areas. The Soviet regime soon came to control a population of several million.

The Red Army, grown to a strength of some , easily defeated large forces of inferior troops sent against it by Chiang Kai-shek in the first four of the so-called encirclement and annihilation campaigns. The majority view is that, in the last years of the Jiangxi Soviet, Mao functioned to a considerable extent as a figurehead with little control over policy, especially in military matters.

In any case, he achieved de facto leadership over the party though not the formal title of chairman only at the Zunyi Conference of January during the Long March.Additional Outline Maps: We have individual outline images for every country, island, province, state and territory on the planet.

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Mao was born on 26 December into a peasant family in Shaoshan, in Hunan province, central China. After training as a teacher, he travelled to Beijing where he worked in the University Library.

Printable Map of the World A PDF outline maps of the world for students who are learning about continents and countries. A World Map for Students: The printable outline maps of the world shown above can be downloaded and printed documents.

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