Main purpose of security management

Demand forecasting Modeling From these processes come the results of capacity management, these being the capacity plan itself, forecasts, tuning data and Service Level Management guidelines. Availability Management Availability management is concerned with design, implementation, measurement and management of IT services to ensure the stated business requirements for availability are consistently met.

Main purpose of security management

Services - shows services installed on target machine Shares - shows shares open on machine Users - users configured on target machine The retina main window with the scan results in the right hand pain Audits are the same as alerts in GFI LANguard N.

It shows you all security issues that have been found and need fixing. Clicking on a particular issue shows you additional information in the bottom pane. Retina provides extensive information on each issue, with tips on how they can be resolved.

There isn't a section for missing patches.

Main purpose of security management

Rather, the vulnerability is highlighted, after which, by double-clicking on it you find out that the vulnerability can be fixed by installing a patch.

Technically speaking, this is not incorrect, however I prefer to see exactly which patches are missing, rather then having the vulnerability listed together with all the other vulnerabilities.

Policies Retina allows you to setup multiple policies to scan your network. This means that you can customize in detail what should be scanned for per scan.

You can also consider it a 'scan profile'. Doing this allows you to skip all scans that are not needed for your network, and thus increase the speed of the scan. With Retina you can have multiple policies and apply different policies to different scans.

Configuring a policy for a particular scan Reporting One of Retina security scanner's strong points is its reporting features. It's easy to create a good-looking security report on your network.

Retina ships as standard with a number of reports, including an executive report use that to make a good impression on management J. You can customize the reports too, both its' contents and the style of a report. After you have selected and customised a report, Retina will create a good looking HTML report, showing you the most vulnerable machines, vulnerabilities by risk level, by type of vulnerability and more.

Creating a report in Retina Retina report output Conclusion Retina is undoubtedly a good security scanner. It has a very comprehensive database of security issues with strong support for UNIXwith extensive information on how to fix certain things. It also has a very good reporting module.

Neither does it have any Patch management or integration with a patch management tool. Not easy to find out which patches are missing. No way to specify to scan a whole domain.

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Instead of each workstation connecting to the Internet to update Windows, each workstation will connect to your Microsoft SUS server and update from there. Microsoft SUS server, will connect to Windows Update itself, and provides notification of critical updates as well as automatic distribution of those updates to your workstations and servers.

Microsoft SUS server offers the following features from Microsoft website: An administrator-controlled content synchronization service within the intranet. The synchronization service is a server-side component that retrieves the latest critical updates from Windows Update.

As new updates are added to Windows Update, the server running Software Update Services automatically downloads and stores them, based on an administrator-defined schedule.

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This server acts as the virtual Windows Update server for client computers. It contains the synchronization service and administrative tools for managing updates.

It services requests for approved updates by the client computers connected to it using the HTTP protocol. Administrator control over updates.

ITIL and Security Management Overview

The administrator can test and approve updates from the public Windows Update site before deployment on the corporate intranet. Deployment takes place on a schedule created by the administrator.

Automatic Updates on computers desktops or servers. Automatic Updates is a Windows feature that can be setup to automatically check for updates published on Windows Update.[FERC] directs] NERC to develop a develop a forward-looking, objective-based Reliability Standard to require each affected entity to develop and implement a plan that includes security controls for supply chain management for industrial control system hardware, software, and services associated with bulk electric system operations.

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Main purpose of security management

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