Lyric writing application for job

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Lyric writing application for job

What do you want to become? Writer Songwriter Job Description: A Songwriter crafts songs for another artist in hopes of creating a hit. Check out our blog on this subject for a more in-depth explanation.

As in many music industry careers, no two days are alike for a Songwriter. They sit with guitars in writing rooms and collaborate with other Songwriters.

I did that for more than twelve years and wrote hundreds and hundreds of songs that way. Outside of Nashville, in many instances, pro Writers have recording studios in their homes. Some Songwriters do nothing but produce musical backing tracks i.

This includes having meetings to pitch your songs to record label executives, Producersand Managers. Some days—or parts of days—are spent writing; some are for having meetings; some are for recording demos. Songwriters typically work with music publishers, other Songwriters, and Musicians.

While some Songwriters might write alone, I typically collaborate with other Writers who bring out the best in me—and with Recording Artists and Record Producers who are looking for songs. Most professional Songwriters are affiliated with music publishers, and interact with other music business professionals, such as Recording EngineersRecord ProducersRecording Artistsand Managers.

Advancement Songwriters advance in their career by writing hits for bigger artists and therefore earning a higher income. The top Writers—those who consistently write or co-write hit singles for superstar artists—earn tens of millions of dollars.

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But the cold hard reality is that only the tiniest fraction of a percent of Songwriters ever reaches that level. There are no guarantees of ever earning a penny as a Songwriter—but some of those who are exceptionally talented, persistent, and good at promoting themselves do manage to break through.

As a teacher, I explore what works—then encourage my students to use techniques that have proven successful—while adding their own unique flavor to it.

These are things we can learn in classes and songwriting workshops, as well as from reading books on the topic. The successful Writers I know work incredibly long hours. The extremely rare exceptions are when someone might be hired and paid a salary to create songs for a TV show, an advertising agency, or a theme park.

Everything you write during the term of your contract is published by that company. You just have to deliver a quota of songs each year—and in many instances especially outside of Nashville only songs that are commercially released by artists on major labels count toward your quota.

But regardless of how many songs you write, you will only remain under contract if your songs are earning money, or the company believes you are delivering potential hits. When you sign a staff-writing deal you are advanced money—as if they are lending you your own future royalties.

In most instances, unless you already have a track record of hits, your advance will be just enough to survive. The big advantage of being a staff-writer is that your publisher has a vested interest in promoting you and your songs in ways that few developing Songwriters could ever do on their own.

In many instances, this is how Songwriters get their work recorded. One typically gets a staff-writing deal by networking, collaborating with staff-writers, and meeting publishers at music industry events.

lyric writing application for job

It rarely works to send unsolicited material to companies. New England to Nashville NETN has excellent events for those in New England who are focused on the Nashville music market, and the West Coast Songwriters organization provides opportunities for those in that part of the country. Taxi also provides pitching opportunities for writers who are writing material that is competitive.

An extensive listing of songwriting organizations can be found in my book This Business of SongwritingRevised 2nd Edition. Getting Started Blume shares the story of how he got started as a Songwriter and provides some tips for aspiring Songwriters.

I performed in coffee houses and nightclubs, mixing my original songs with well-known songs. After college, I moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to pursue my songwriting dream. I knew there would be more classes, serious collaborators, and opportunities to make business connections in a major music center.

But as I studied my craft and the market, received professional feedback from teachers, and rewrote my songs to make them as strong as possible, my songs improved and became more geared to the commercial market—meaning the songs that were on the radio.

I met with a music publisher who suggested I rewrite a country song I played for him. After seven rewrites—and seven new demos—he sent the song to his Nashville office.

It was recorded by a new artist and became a single. Although it earned very little money, it opened up doors that led to my collaborating with professionals who were signed to a publishing company. That changed my life.

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