Life roles paper

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Life roles paper

Just as we move through different stages in our life, so we also move through different stages in our career. And just as demands for our time in our personal life can vary, so can demands at work. When peaks of demand in one area match troughs in another, life can be good. This makes it important to find an appropriate balance between your career and your life.

He modified his theories in to account for the fact that people were no longer continuing on a straight path of career development. Super called this theory the "Life Career Rainbow. Understanding the Model The Life Career Rainbow see figure 1 below helps us think about the different roles we play at different times in our life.

The Roles of Small Scale Industry in Nigerian Economy

Age is shown by the numbers around the edge of the rainbow. And the amount of time typically taken with each life role is described by the size of the dots in that colored band of the rainbow. The Life Career Rainbow Tip: Note that we use the word "typically" above — this is the pattern that most people find suits the way they want to live their lives.

This may or may not suit you and your circumstances.


Eight Life Roles 1. Child — This is the time and energy you spend relating to your parents. The role begins at birth and continues until both parents are deceased, often into your 50s or 60s. You spend a great deal of Life roles paper in this role early on which decreases over time until the parents become elderly.

At this time, there is often a surge in time and attention spent caring for elderly parents. Student — You can become a student starting as early as three or four depending on culture. The student role usually continues until at least the age of 16, although it is now common to see students in their early 20s in many countries.

People are also increasingly engaging in masters programs or participating in career training or further education throughout life. Leisurite — This is a word created by Super to describe the time people spend pursuing leisure activities.

Many people tend to spend more time on leisure as a child or adolescent, and after they have retired. Citizen — This describes the time and energy spent working for the community, with time spent in non-paid volunteer work.

Life roles paper

People often engage in this as their children get older and they have more free time available. Worker — This is the time you spend in paid employment. Parent — This role describes the time spent raising children and looking after them. The parent role is usually significant until children reach their mid-teens but, with many grown children staying at home during higher education or moving back home as adults, the parent role can continue at a relatively high level for quite a while after this.

Spouse — This role represents the time and energy spent in a committed relationship. It also includes activities that keep the union strong. Home-maker — In this role, people are expending time and energy on maintaining their home: Note that there are no gender associations with the home-maker role.

Growth ages 14 and under — This Life Stages focuses on physical growth, and is a time when people begin to form ideas about their self-worth.

During this time people start to discover many of their interests, talents, and abilities. Exploration typical age range 14 — 25 — This stage is when people start learning about the different types of work available and what is required to be successful in different careers.

During exploration, the more you learn, the more committed you become to a few of the choices and you start to narrow the field to those types of jobs you would like to pursue.

Near the end of the exploration stage you will ideally! Explained like this, it sounds like a well-thought-through process.

In reality it is not, which means we often make "quirky" career choices. While your first experience with this stage happens usually between the ages of 14 and 25, it is increasingly likely you will return to this stage at least once later in your life as you think through your choices again, hopefully in a more rational and considered way.

Establishment typical age range 26 — 45 — This Life Stage starts as people settle into their chosen career, and become productive members of society.

This stage is marked by increased responsibility and personal satisfaction from work and career. Finding This Article Useful?Essay/Term paper: Gender roles Essay, term paper, research paper: Gender.

herself without an occupation and with an unsatisfactory emotional life." The change in sex roles that can be discerned in society is closely tied with changes in the structure of the family. Changes in both family structure and. Life Span Perspective Paper Charles R. Harmon Jr. PSY November 26, Melissa Fagan Life Span Perspective Paper This is an informative paper to illustrate what I have learned thus far about human development.

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Life roles paper

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