Hans kohn american nationalism an interpretive essay

European Journal of Social Psychology. From Social to Political Identity: Self-categorization theory and social influence. Psychology of Group Influence.

Hans kohn american nationalism an interpretive essay

Three semester hours of upper-division coursework in German with a grade of at least C. Often this takes the form of imagined places and people, but some literature gives us access to real places we may not have visited.

This is travel literature. This seminar on German travel literature has three main objectives: Finally, as a senior seminar, this class is designed to give students an introduction to scholarship and the steps involved in designing and conducting their own research projects.

We will begin with the travels and writings of the naturalist Alexander von Humboldt who wrote extensively about his trip to the Americas. We will then focus on the role of middle-class travel and tourism in the development of new genres at mid-century, such as Heinrich Heine's Reisebilder, and new media, such as Baedeker's travel guide.

Next we will examine the increase in the ability of women such as Ida Pfeiffer to travel. We will investigate new venues, such as the periodical press, for publishing reports about the world.


In the context of these later developments we will also examine the role of visual images in presenting the world to readers. The final projects for this course can focus on any example of travel writing, including its place in the context of a nationalist movement under the Nazis or as a critique of western imperialism in the post-war era.

This course is conducted in German Readings: Readings from a course packet should be completed before each class period so that productive discussion can follow the introductory lectures. Each student uses these discussion questions to lead class discussion twice during the semester.

Each student will write four 4 one-page "reaction papers. Referat on research project: The purpose is to share the initial results of this research, to practice formal speaking in German, and to receive peer feedback.

An 8-page paper on the student's research project on one aspect of travel writing the same topic as the Referat is due at the end of the semester.

This course has two central goals. The first is to introduce you to several core and controversial issues in contemporary Germany and the ways in which these topics are discussed there. The second goal of the course is to provide you the opportunity to improve your written and spoken German.

Course assignments will help you to expand your active vocabulary, increase your grammatical accuracy in using basic structures, and use more advanced grammatical structures to increase the linguistic register at which you can produce German. We will practice these elements in writing and in informal interaction dialogues, conversations, role-playing before you use them in exams and formal presentations.

By the end of this semester you should be able to: All required material is available online or via Canvas. Students will be expected to print out most completed assignment sheets and bring them to class.For an annotated bibliography on the Korean War see Keith D.

McFarland's The Korean War: An Annotated Bibliography [New York: Garland, ]. McFarland provides annotations of more than 2, English-language publications covering an extremely broad range of topics related to the conflict.

Pan-European nationalism is a political term, apparently coined by Hannah Arendt in , and used mostly as a pejorative, for a (hypothetical, or postulated) ideology of nationalism based on a pan-European identity. About us. John Benjamins Publishing Company is an independent, family-owned academic publisher headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


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The Political Legacy of American Slavery Acharya et al. Relic: How Our Constitution Undermines Effective Government and Why We Need a More Powerful Presidency. Long a student of the subject, Mr.

Hans kohn american nationalism an interpretive essay

Kohn here turns to the particular, and in some respects unique, qualities of American nationalism. A stimulating essay, a great merit of which is the author's American Nationalism: an Interpretative Essay | Foreign Affairs.

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Hans kohn american nationalism an interpretive essay
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