Explain why waste management is such

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Explain why waste management is such

Food waste is generated from our farms, food manufacturers, food distributors, food retailers, wet markets, supermarkets, hawker centres, restaurants, food courts, caterers, and our homes.

In fact, Singapore threw away about 0. This means on average, each person in Singapore generated about kg of food waste a year. In addition, supermarkets, food manufacturers, and food outlets are not forthcoming in divulging how much food waste they generate.

Despite the difficulty of getting food waste data in Singapore, three journalism students from the Nanyang Technological University managed to shine light on the problem of food wastage in Singapore through their final-year project from titled Food Waste Republic.

Explain why waste management is such

The students visited the Pasir Panjang wholesale market and found that: If not, who will buy them? He estimates about one-third of all vegetables at the wholesale market get thrown away for not meeting the mark.

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Based on our observations at food waste recycling company IUT Global, the market discards up to 30, kilos of unwanted vegetable parts and blemished fruits every day.

Once fresh produce show the slightest defects or are deemed unsellable by supermarket staff, they will be thrown away. Most often, vegetables and fruits form the bulk of the unsellable fresh produce due to their perishable nature. This constitutes 10 to 15 per cent of the total fresh produce stock at Sheng Siong, says its managing director Lim Hock Chee, These goods are usually brought back to their warehouse to be resold to food establishments or manufacturers.

The leftovers are dumped. In addition, improper inventory management where chefs order more instead of less to play safe, also results in food wastage.

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The students also highlighted the problem of the full-shelf display for most bakeries and cafes: The volume of bread collected fills up around supermarket trolleys. It is also common to see food waste at buffets, where the all-you-can-eat concept see customers take more food than they can finish.

The results show that fruit peels, vegetable parts, eggshells, bones and leftovers like rice and gravy formed the bulk of the waste, and the average household food waste per person was g. In another survey of Singapore residents, the students found that six in ten would buy more than what they need when shopping at supermarkets.

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