Evolution of architecture

Journey from Ancient Architecture to Modern Architecture Egyptian Architecture BC — AD Ancient Egyptian Architecture is mainly based on religious monuments, massive structures with extensive carvings of gods, goddesses, pictorial representation of daily life, structures having thick sloping mud walls with very few openings for ventilation since the climate in Egypt is very hot and dry. The carvings done on the walls of the structure were considered as ornamentation in Egyptian period. They are very popular for their uniqueness in massing and proportions. The materials used in the Ancient Egyptian period were sun baked mud brick, stone, limestone.

Evolution of architecture

It is responsible for idle mode UE User Equipment paging and tagging procedure including retransmissions. It is responsible for authenticating the user by interacting with the HSS.

Lawful interception of signaling is also supported by the MME. It manages and stores UE contexts, e. It also performs replication of the user traffic in case of lawful interception.

The PGW performs policy enforcement, packet filtering for each user, charging support, lawful interception and packet screening. The HSS is a central database that contains user-related and subscription-related information. The functions of the HSS include functionalities such as mobility management, call and session establishment support, user authentication and access authorization.

The purpose of the ANDSF is to assist the UE to discover the access networks in their vicinity and to provide rules policies to prioritize and manage connections to these networks.

They define the rules for a mapping between parameters during inter-system mobility with 3G networks or non-3GPP access networks. EPS provides the subscriber Evolution of architecture a "ready-to-use" IP connectivity and an "always-on" experience by linking between mobility management and session management procedures during the UE attach procedure.

It also provides control of security for the NAS protocols. EMM involves different types of procedures such as: The procedures belonging to this type are initiated by the network.

EMM specific procedures — specific to the UE only. The procedures belonging to this type are attach and combined attach, detach or combined detach, normal tracking area update and combined tracking area update S1 mode only and periodic tracking area update S1 mode only.

Evolution of architecture

EMM connection management procedures — manage the connection of the UE with the network: Initiated by the UE and used to establish a secure connection to the network or to request the resource reservation for sending data, or both.

Initiated by the network and used to request the establishment of a NAS signalling connection or to prompt the UE to re-attach if necessary as a result of a network failure. Transport of NAS messages: Generic transport of NAS messages: Initiated by the UE or the network and used to transport protocol messages from other applications.

The UE and the network execute the attach procedure, the default EPS bearer context activation procedure in parallel. The UE and network complete the combined default EPS bearer context activation procedure and the attach procedure before the dedicated EPS bearer context activation procedure is completed.

The success of the attach procedure is dependent on the success of the default EPS bearer context activation procedure.

If the attach procedure fails, then the ESM session management procedures also fails. Together with the bearer control provided by the Access Stratumit provides the control of user plane bearers. An EPS bearer context can be either a default bearer context or a dedicated bearer context.

Additionally, the network can activate one or several dedicated EPS bearer contexts in parallel. Types of ESM procedures: ESM involves different types of procedures such as: Transaction related procedures — initiated by the UE to request for resources, i.

The main features provided by SCTP are: An association is a connection that is set up between two endpoints for data transfer, much like a TCP connection. A SCTP association can have multiple addresses at each end. Delivers sequenced data in a stream Elimination of head-of-line blocking: SCTP ensures the sequenced delivery of data with multiple unidirectional streams, without blocking the chunks of data in other direction.Evolution Architecture is uniquely positioned to take on any sized project from large multi-million dollar restoration projects, to smaller but equally important inspections and perform both with the same level of attention to quality, client needs, and cost effectiveness.

This is another aspect of ancient Egyptian architecture which characterizes most, if not all, of the great temples and monuments: celestial alignment.

From the pyramids at Giza to the Temple of Amun at Karnak, the Egyptians oriented their buildings according to the cardinal points and in keeping with celestial events. Classical architecture is the style and design of buildings and the built environment of ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

Classical architecture has always shaped the way . Microservices as an Evolutionary Architecture. Neal Ford.

Architecture, History: Evolution of Building Design

Meme Wrangler. Rebecca Parsons. Chief Technology Officer. Evolutionary Architecture Microservices Technology. The microservice architectural style is taking the world by storm. Evolution impacts the specifics of the implementation, thus the implementation details cannot be ignored.

Digital business is spurring the evolution of enterprise architecture (EA) and inspiring EA and technology innovation leaders to focus on the customer, ecosystems and architectural design.

These leaders are taking a holistic view of their organizations’ ecosystems and designing customer-centric innovative services, products and business models. The Evolution of Architecture due to several analyzed themes (Gothic architecture and Modern architecture) Abstract This paper contains a comparative analysis of the evolution of architecture in relation to Gothic revival and Modern Architecture.

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