Deontological ethics 7 essay

Consequentialism Because deontological theories are best understood in contrast to consequentialist ones, a brief look at consequentialism and a survey of the problems with it that motivate its deontological opponents, provides a helpful prelude to taking up deontological theories themselves. Some consequentialists are monists about the Good.

Deontological ethics 7 essay

Welcome to my course on ethics. I wrote earlier about reasoning in ethics without assuming a meta-ethical view. Sex and romantic love are among our most basic desires. Most of us could not be happy without a chance for sexual and romantic fulfillment.

But people do not choose which sex they are attracted to. Thus to prohibit homosexuals from exercising their sexuality is to condemn them to unhappy lives. But prohibiting pedophiles from exercising their sexuality may condemn them to unhappy lives, too.

We justify this by saying that pedophiles are a serious threat to their own happiness and the happiness of others — the children they molest and the families of those children. So if homosexuals are, like pedophiles, a threat to greater happiness, perhaps we can justify a condemnation of homosexuality.

Deontological ethics 7 essay

And this claim has been made. Christian philosopher William Lane Craig writes: More than half of these partners are strangers.

Intro to Ethics: Homosexuality (part 1)

This leads in turn to heightened suicide rates. Homosexuals are three times as likely to contemplate suicide as the general population. In fact homosexual men have an attempted suicide rate six times that of heterosexual men, and homosexual women attempt suicide twice as often as heterosexual women.

Nor are depression and suicide the only problems.

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Studies show that homosexuals are much more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexual men… So I think a very good case can be made out on the basis of generally accepted moral principles that homosexual behavior is wrong.

It is horribly self-destructive and injurious to another person. But let us not presume that Craig and Schmidt are wrong. Schmidt says he has been careful in his research: Four physicians with relevant specialties reviewed the first draft of this chapter in order to correct any factual errors.

I avoided all secondary sources of information such as newspapers and popular magazines or books, and I cite no Christian writers.

Instead I document every point of fact in this chapter only from scholarly, secular medical and social scientific publications, and from the most recent research available at the time of writing — virtually all of which is either neutral or affirming toward homosexuality.

More than half of [the partners of gay men] are strangers… Again the source is Homosexualities, pp. The authors acknowledge the possibility that results are unrepresentative of all homosexual men, since their subjects were drawn from those seeking medical help, who may be more promiscuous.

But, they counter, most other studies, which recruit subjects from gay organizations and publications, are unrepresentative in other ways p. It should be noted that none of the subjects were referred to the study because of psychiatric difficulties p.

Jay and Young [in The Gay Report ] reported the 40 percent of male homosexuals and 39 percent of female homosexuals had either seriously contemplated or attempted suicide.

Deontological ethics 7 essay

Studies show that homosexuals are much more likely to be pedophiles than heterosexual men… Schmidt writes: Still, several studies reveal that while no more than 2 percent of male adults are homosexual, approximately 35 percent of pedophiles are homosexual.

But this is not an accurate number, because it is based only pedophiles who have been caught. The majority are probably never caught — perhaps in part because they molest fewer boys. If we lower the victimization rate to, say, twenty-five boys per pedophile, we arrive at the very disturbing number of , which is over 10 percent of the practicing male homosexual population.

We turn to that question next time.Deontological Ethics Essay - Deontological Theory of Ethics Introduction When ethics is explored, and an inquiry into its origin and sources are explored to find definition and clarity around ethics, one initial discovery will be that two main views on ethical behavior emerge.

One of those theories is the deontological theory of ethics. In moral philosophy, deontological ethics or deontology (from Greek δέον, deon, "obligation, duty") is the normative ethical theory that the morality of an action should be based on whether that action itself is right or wrong under a series of rules, rather than based on the consequences of the action.

Deontological ethics and teleological (utilitarian) ethics It evaluates both negative and positive impacts of an action to determine the net consequence. An act that is more harmful than beneficial is therefore unethical while one that leads to . Published: Mon, 5 Dec How do we make ethical decisions in social work?

Discuss the process illustrating your arguments with specific case examples. Ethical awareness is a fundamental part of the professional practice of social workers. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

Applied Ethics. Under what conditions is an abortion morally permissible? Does a citizen have a moral obligation to actively participate (perhaps by voting) in the democratic process of one’s nation (assuming one is living in a democracy)?

Deontological Ethics - Essay