Demonstrate realistic consistent and supportive responses to children and young peoples behaviour

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Executive Summary There is a need to develop appropriate opportunities for people with disabilities throughout their life course. The provision of access for people with disabilities to quality physical activity and sporting opportunities must be addressed on an equal basis with those of their non-disabled peers.

Demonstrate realistic consistent and supportive responses to children and young peoples behaviour

The access of people with disabilities to physical exercise, through recreational and competitive sport and physical education curricula, must be planned for and incorporated into all structures, strategies and programmes.

These include community facilities, leisure and sporting venues; national, regional and local strategies and public awareness campaigns; physical activity and sports programmes in schools and in the community. Barriers that contribute to low levels of participation in physical activity and sport by people with disabilities in Ireland include the following: Only coordinated and concerted efforts will be successful in addressing this complex range of barriers.

From the empirical research for this study five main factors emerged as essential if quality experiences in physical exercise and sport are to be had by people with disabilities. These are stronger leadership; improved and inclusive community facilities including playgrounds; the provision of adequate PE and physical activity experiences in the school and in the community; adequate and accessible information services; and comprehensive education, training and coaching programmes that provide PE teachers, coaches, trainers and managers with the required inclusive PE, sport and physical activity training and expertise.

While there have been welcome developments in the area of sport and active leisure in Ireland including an increase in funding for sport and active leisure, the importance of leadership to spearhead the construction of appropriate structures and processes cannot be overstated.

Demonstrate realistic consistent and supportive responses to children and young peoples behaviour

Participants in this study, including people involved in sports and physical exercise provision, people with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities, considered the issue of leadership to be a crucial one. It is perceived that Government Departments, the Irish Sports Council, governing bodies of sports and other relevant organisations could be more strategic in promoting co-ordination, access and equity and improving physical activity experiences for all.

In these initiatives, while each group retains its identity, united they have a more powerful voice to lobby for funding and support. The success following on the changes spearheaded by these new organisations and structures is impressive. The development of more organised approaches to sport and physical activity equity has led to improvements, in some cases, dramatic, in terms of participation, quality experiences and achievement.

The increase in participation together with success at the level of competitive swimming in Wales for people with disabilities after the implementation of a community and competitive swimming programme is a striking example.

While the approaches are diverse in different countries, all involve stronger leadership and improved co-ordination at a national level. In Wales development of structures has been through local authorities that have taken ownership of ensuring sports equity.

The DSU provides practical assistance and a national network of disability education and support personnel who work with National Sports Organisations and other sports providers.

Adequate leadership at a national level leads to a cultivation of the culture and required conditions that supports equality of opportunity in the field of physical activity, active leisure and sport.

This has facilitated the development of effective partnerships and mobilised the necessary resources. In Ireland there is a need for a united front among organisations and service providers in order to achieve quality experiences and sports equity for all. More co-operation between the various sectors and groups involved in the development and delivery of sport and physical exercise opportunities should be a prominent goal.Demonstrate realistic, consistent and supportive responses to children and young people's behaviour Provide an effective role model for the standards of behaviour expected within the setting, such as self-discipline and self-control.

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