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Others insisted that even if there were events of a historical nature, such a history was unknown and unknowable, since African societies, for the most part, were nonliterate and as such left no records that historians could study. The era of decolonization and the immediate post-independence years witnessed a growing rank of Africanists vigorously reject this Eurocentric and anti-African historical epistemology that privileged civilization and written sources as the only rational bases for historical scholarship and that denied the possibility of civilization and history to small-scale and nonliterate societies dominant in Africa.

Compte rendu critique article scientifique

Sunday, April 02, Gunde Ziegelberg is the scientific secretary. Best wishes, Please note new e-mail below: EMF exposure guidelines Dear Dr.

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During the oral hearing as indicated belowwhile cross-examining industry consultant Dr. Could you please inform, whether the exposure EMF guidelines will be reviewed in the near future and the guidelines possibly adjusted?

May I kindly ask you whether you agree with the statements presented by Dr. Children at risk with residential and school exposure to EMFs" source: A particular question would be: Thank you for taking the time to respond please, Hans Karow.

Read the sad story of how Repacholi, Veyret and Veccia traveled to Malta and misled the public. For example, websites can be developed by anyone regardless of training or experience and are sometimes created to promote limited agendas or points of view. These sites are sponsored by federal agencies and professional organizations and provide information that reflects the work of many experienced scientists.

The following paper very much supports the National Grid's call to check the credentials of those who provide EMF information for limited agendas or points of view.

Compte rendu critique article scientifique

To quote from their "Uniform Requirements": The potential for conflict of interest can exist whether or not an individual believes that the relationship affects his or her scientific judgement. In both organisations the case is presented that maintaining independence from industry vested interests is essential for maintaining scientific objectivity and credibility in giving expert advice on public health matters.

The WHO takes the view that there cannot be industry representation on standard setting working groups.

There cannot be someone on the working group who is having an influence on health effects for an industry when they derive benefit from that industry. In order to maintain this independence from industry or other vested interests it is stated: They exclude you from that process. Therefore the claim that ICNIRP's scientific advice is value-free from industry influence must also include the same requirement for any WHO risk assessment task group.

Industry influence endemic in the decision making process The Myth of not accept funding from industry A Claytons oversight committee? Big Tobacco and Protecting the Integrity of WHO Decision Making In Conclusion It is acknowledged that in an ever increasingly globalized world the reliance on international organisations to set standards to protect public health is an irrefutable fact of modern life.

It is also a fact that international organizations charged with this task need to be "eternally vigilant" to ensure that their organisations are not co-opted by vested interests groups - as exampled by Big Tobacco and WHO.

This can only be to the detriment of the group's ability to evaluate the scientific literature in an unbiased way. This action can only be construed as being aimed at ensuring that industry involvement in determining the WHO Environmental Health Criteria will bias ICNIRP's risk assessment for power frequency exposure limits for years to come.

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This will conveniently provide economic protection for the industry against the need to spend enormous sums of money on upgrading distribution systems as well as risks of litigation. Such a blatant disregard for the fundamental principles of credible science as well as WHO's mission on protecting world health speaks of a desperation to bury independent science at all costs, even if that cost is at the integrity of WHO.Compte rendu d’un article de Yves Michaud par Cecilia Sanchez mars 29, par Audrey Leblanc L’étudiante Cécilia Sanchez a accepté de partager avec nous son compte-rendu d’un article du théoricien Yves Michaud, «Critique de la crédulité.

Compte rendu de l’atelier: Comment aborder l’évaluation de l’information et le problème des fake news en bibliothèque? notre esprit critique peut se montrer plus acerbe en direction d’un camp ou de l’autre, et il peut arriver à des sites de désinformation de propager parfois quelques nouvelles avérées, à .

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