Color of friendship

I always thought it was yellow Yes, a yellow rose represents friendship but the color pink represents friendship. Blue probably represents the sky which Jesus rose to, like in the tabernacle purple is used which is blue and red. Pink is symbolic of gentle emotions and of emotional unions. Pink is considered a color of good health and life.

Color of friendship

Piper, who has been taking an interest in the different nations of Africa, begs her parents to host an African exchange student. They comfortably benefit from the system of apartheid without questioning its morality; Mahree's father, Pieter Bok, is a South African policeman who cannot hide his joy when Steve Biko a black South African man fighting against apartheid has just been captured.

They also have a black maidFlora Melanie Nicholls-Kingwhom Mahree, in her racial blindness, considers her Color of friendship friend, not realizing that Flora is not satisfied with her life under apartheid.

However, Mahree's observation is not entirely wrong, as Flora is a kindly woman who is indeed friendly with the Bok children, believing that gentleness and persuasion work better than agitation. Flora tells Mahree that when she was a little girl she would observe the weaver bird, which has many different styles of plumage, and its communal nest-building, which is used as a metaphor for the possibility of racial harmony that Mahree does not understand at the time.

Mahree also asks her parents for permission to study in America, which is granted by her father, who believes she will either get homesick or realize that America is not a paradise. However, Mahree is slightly aware of some of the injustices of her society, as a black busboy gets slugged for spilling a tray, which she finds revolting.

Both Mahree and Piper have misconstrued notions about each other's countries: Mahree does not think that there are black politicians, only knowing the patriarch of her host family is "Congressman Dellums", and although Piper is expecting a South African exchange student, she does not realize there are white residents.

Their assumptions are not corrected until Piper and her mother meet Mahree at the airport and bring her home.

Color of friendship

Piper is bitterly disappointed. Mahree reacts with horror bordering on panic when confronted with this new situation, as does Ron. Piper goes to his office where he is meeting with several black Congressmen, and they all look surprised to see that he will be hosting a white South African.

Once Mahree gets back to the Dellums' house, she locks herself in Piper's bedroom and refuses to come out. Eventually, Piper picks the lock on the door to bring Mahree some fries and a chocolate shake. Mahree is standoffish, and Piper, upset by her attitude, tells Mahree how disappointed she is in her.

Stunned by this, Mahree sees how rude she's been, and agrees to stay and try to make this work. Roscoe tries to play peacemaker, chalking up Mahree's reaction to misunderstanding and culture shock, while telling Ron and Piper they have been judgmental as well.

Everyone tries to make this work out. During Mahree's stay, she and the Dellumses grow close. Mahree sees people of different races getting along and realizes how much she and Piper have in common.

The two become good friends.Watch The Color of Friendship Online Full Free. the color of friendship full movie with English subtitle. Stars: Carl Lumbly, Lindsey Haun, Shadia Simmons. The Color of Friendship is a television film based on actual events about the friendship between two girls; Mahree & Piper, one from the United States and the other from apartheid South Africa, who learn about tolerance and friendship.

The film was directed by Kevin Hooks, based on a script by Paris Qualles, and stars Lindsey Haun and Cinematography by: David Herrington. The Color of Friendship (TV Movie ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Color of Friendship IMDb 87 min A white South African girl finds herself in a difficult situation when she is sent to spend a term with a black family in America.

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Watch The Color of Friendship Online. the color of friendship full movie with English subtitle. Stars: Carl Lumbly, Lindsey Haun, Shadia Simmons.

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