An analysis of the character of javert in the play les miserables by victor hugo

A recent outbreak of cholera in the lower class Parisian areas, thought to be due to the government poisoning inner-city wells. The deaths of two famous politicians: Anger at monarch Louis-Philippe for taking the throne after the July Uprising of …. Reaction Paper of the movie Les Miserables The movie is a potent social document of poverty, ignorance, and brutality of man by Victor Hugo.

An analysis of the character of javert in the play les miserables by victor hugo

At Digne, he is repeatedly refused shelter for the night. Only the saintly bishop, Monseigneur Myriel, welcomes him. Valjean repays his host's hospitality by stealing his silverware.

When the police bring him back, the bishop protects his errant guest by pretending that the silverware is a gift.

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With a pious lie, he convinces them that the convict has promised to reform. After one more theft, Jean Valjean does indeed repent. Under the name of M. Madeleine he starts a factory and brings prosperity to the town of Montreuil.

Next, Hugo introduces the pathetic young girl Fantine. Alone and burdened with an illegitimate child, she is on the way back to her hometown of Montreuil, to find a job. In Montreuil, Fantine finds a job in Madeleine's factory and attains a modicum of prosperity. Defeated by her difficulties, Fantine turns to prostitution.

Tormented by a local idler, she causes a disturbance and is arrested by Inspector Javert. Only Madeleine's forceful intervention keeps her out of jail. She catches a fever, however, and her health deteriorates dangerously.

Death is imminent and M. Madeleine promises to bring her daughter, Cosette, to her. Madeleine, however, is faced with serious problems. A man has been arrested as Jean Valjean and is about to be condemned for his crimes. After a night of agonizing moral conflict, Madeleine decides to confess his past.

At Arras, the seat of the trial, he dramatically exonerates the accused. A few days later, he is arrested by Javert at Fantine's bedside. The shocking scene kills the young woman. That same night Valjean escapes, but he is quickly recaptured and sent to Toulon, a military port. One day he saves a sailor about to fall from the rigging.

He plunges into the sea and manages to escape by establishing the belief that he has drowned. In Paris, he lives like a recluse in a dilapidated tenement, the Gorbeau House, in an outlying district.

In spite of his precautions, however, Javert manages to track him down. Valjean is forced to flee abruptly. After a hectic chase and imminent capture, he finds a miraculous refuge in a convent.

With the cooperation of the gardener, Fauchelevent, a man whose life he has saved in the past, Valjean persuades the prioress to take him on as assistant gardener and to enroll Cosette as a pupil. Valjean and Cosette spend several happy years in the isolation of the convent.One of the longest novels in the history of literature, Les Misérables, written by Victor Hugo, mostly revolves around the life and deeds of ex-convict, Jean Valjean, who tries to live a good and useful life.

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An analysis of the character of javert in the play les miserables by victor hugo

Sign In Sign Up. Lit. Guides. Lit. Terms. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Upgrade to A + Download this Lit Guide! (PDF) Introduction. It was like a blow to the solar plexus. I started seeing all the characters of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables—Valjean, Javert, Gavroche, Cosette, Marius, and Éponine—in my mind's eye, laughing, crying, and singing onstage.

Character Analysis of Javert, in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables - Character Analysis- JaVert "Les Miserables" written by Victor Hugo is a novel set during the inception of the French Revolution. Through the characters in the book, the author has tried to depict the life of the French middle class people and their exploitation by the upper class.

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Words | 3 Pages. In his novel, Les Miserables, Victor Hugo identifies the principle social evils of French society through the actions and qualities of his characters.

A short summary of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Les Misérables. he must contend with Javert, who has discovered Madeleine’s criminal past. Javert tells Madeleine that a man has been accused of being Jean Valjean, and Madeleine confesses his true identity.

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