A review of the movie of mice and men directed by gary sinese

Plot[ edit ] The movie opens with George in a boxcar, experiencing a flashback. The two are fleeing from their previous employment as workmen in Weed, California where Lennie was accused of attempted rape when he touched and held onto a young woman Moira Harris and her red dress, prompted by his love of stroking soft things. George and Lennie escape and travel to Soledad, which is near the ranch where they have work. While walking, George catches Lennie petting a dead mouse that he had accidentally killed.

A review of the movie of mice and men directed by gary sinese

In particular, I will examine the way Gary Sinise and John Steinbeck saw the tragedy and the relationships between George and Lennie, pointing out the differences of the accents set in the film and in the movie. Also I will discuss the interpretation and performance of the main characters — George and Lennie — in the film, supporting my argumentations with the citation of the critics and reviews of the novel.

Here, I will also compare my own expectations after reading the novel with what I saw in the movie.

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And finally, I will make a conclusion and place my findings in the context of creativity and freedom of expression in art. Unlike the film, the novel stats with the two main characters — George Milton and Lennie Small — walking along the river.

In this way, and in the way they walk and with the help of the episode of drinking water, John Steinbeck wanted to focus the attention of readers on the positive side of the relationships between George and Lennie.

Here I mean Georges parental feelings, his love, his loyalty to Lennie and guidance he made to protect and take care of his mentally deficient companion. On the other hand, I think the film tends to stress drama and violence. This is achieved by one of the first scenes in the movie where a woman is running and screaming with fright and George and Lennie are trying to escape.

I think this difference took place because, due to the tastes of modern public and a kind of tendency in filmmaking, Gary Sinise wanted to emphasize tragedy of the story with putting in it frequent and colorful scenes of harsh and brutal violence. My expectations of the main character — George — were met completely by the performance of Gary Sinise.

He has taciturn strength and a gift for conveying unexpressed feeling,- wrote the critics.

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Gary Sinise - Rotten Tomatoes Fine performances down the line and sensitive handling justify this attempt to introduce a new generation to the small tragedy of George and Lennie, although lack of any edge or fresh motivation to tell the tale will keep enthusiasm, and B.

And I fully agree with this statement. The author of the novel depictes George as a man with a strong will, who feels it is his duty to control and to take care of Lennie, and, notwithstanding his own disappointment in life and feeling of helplessness in the conditions he has to face, George, like the only one sensible in their company, overcomes hardships and solves the problems concerning life support and future of them two.

A review of the movie of mice and men directed by gary sinese

George treats Lennie as a child and bears Lennies whims and wild tricks with tolerance. Lennie is bleeding, he just crushed a man s arm and yet, all he Curly s wife had a dream to become a movie star but it hasn t worked out and that is She would much rather is a film star than just some one married to Curly.

At the same time, it is not so easy to stay calm when Lennies actions become violent and lead to death and misery of living beings. In one of the chapters George looses his temper and names the price he has to pay for his parenting and love to Lennie: You get in trouble.

You do bad things and I got to get you out. Sinise is just right as world-weary George, who loves Lennie and wants to help him but who feels somewhat frustrated and helpless about his own life.

According to the novel, Lennie, is enormously big and strong, like a giant. Though Lennie is simple and has mind deficiency. This causes his learning difficulty, especially seen in the first chapter, when George asks Lennie if he remembers where they are going.

The giant with a mind of a child answers honestly that he has no idea. Even when George repeats the purpose of their trip, after a while, Lennie again is not capable to name it. Notwithstanding his mind handicap, Lennie is well-coordinated and can perform repetitive manual jobs which require enough skill.

In the film, George is frantically searching for Lennie in the brush near the pool. Lennie stumbles and falls to his knees In the film, George and Lennie find each other andFeb 22,  · And with Aaron Copeland’s quintessential American film score Of Mice and Men deserves its place as a Hollywood classic.

As good as the version is, however, the quintessential version is easily Gary Sinise ’s adaptation from Certainly producer/director Gary Sinise's "Of Mice and Men," set in picturesque California wheatfields, has the in-built advantage of John Steinbeck's great novel to work from.

Of Mice And Men on DVD () from MGM / UA. Directed by Gary Sinise.

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Staring Casey Siemaszko, Gary Sinise and John Malkovich. More Historical / Period Piece, Drama and Book-To-Film DVDs available @ DVD Empire.

In the actor Gary Sinise directed a faithful adaptation of John Steinbeck's classic novella Of Mice And Men. on movies directed by actors with a look back at the adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic American novella Of Mice An Men – directed by Gary Sinise, the opportunity to select a movie for us to cover on a future.

Critics Consensus: Of Mice and Men honors its classic source material with a well-acted adaptation that stays powerfully focused on the story's timeless themes%. Oct 02,  · Mr. Sinise's "Of Mice and Men" is a recollection of a simpler way of life that was swept aside by the realities of the Depression and all the momentous social changes that timberdesignmag.com: VINCENT CANBY.

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